post. was written in 36 hours at MHacks 3 in Detroit and took home the prize for "Best Use of Lob API."

Hi! I'm John Moss.
I'm currently a student-athlete in northern Virginia, attending W.T. Woodson High School. Since 2008 I've been building things—websites, apps, tablets, all kinds of things.
In the 6th grade, I was asked to develop an application that could help astrophotographers properly align their telescopes. Shortly after, "CentriSky" was born. It took off through Australian astrophotography forums and conventions and is still in use today.
In 8th grade, I was listed by .NET Magazine as one of the Top 10 Young Web Designers of 2011.
In early 2014, as a Junior in high school, I traveled with students from George Mason University to compete at MHacks 3 against "more than 1,000 university students from across the US, and as far as Poland." In 36 hours, our team of 3 designed and developed post., a web application that allows users to send physical mail (and postcards, posters, & mugs) with the same ease they send email. Our application, 1 of 249 submitted, won one of the 19 prizes awarded that weekend.
Copyright 2014 John Moss . @worldmoss .